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Notes for Committee Chairs and Class Representatives

(under construction - come back for updates)

Team Meals

Last year the boys were fed each game. We served the same thing that JV was serving – which is typically a “cold” meal (Subway, Chick Fil-A sandwich, etc.). We would keep the players after school for a “study hall” in the cafeteria and then feed them and send them to the locker room to dress and load the busses around 4:30. You will want to identify a Freshman meal coordinator who can organize everything and secure volunteers. They will work alongside the JV meal coordinator.

How to Enter Volunteer Assignments

General Guidelines and Suggestions

  • Be as detailed as possible so the person does not have to find you again to ask questions.  Also include contact info if it someone else chairing it so you do not get caught in the middle.

  • Enter a few extra positions when a certain number is requested because there are always no-shows.
  • We don't have anyway to force the boys to be at any event.  Be careful committing to outside organizations.  If nobody signs up, its a problem
  • June is a big month for gettig those volunteer hours as everyone is shifting out of school mode and remembering that 25 hours is a lot.

Entering the Assignment

  1. Go to
  2. click Sign in at upper right portion of page
  3. Login with your email and password
  4. The Sign In will now read Admin
  5. Click on the Volunteering on the Home menu
  6. A green ADD opportunity button will now show.  Click it and enter information.  
  7. Notify Email - You can list your email here so you will know when someone signs up.  If someone else is the contact person, enter their email in especially if they need a specific number of people.  You can list multiple email addresses.
  8. Number of Positions - Many opportunities only need a certain number of people.  Its a good idea to put a few more than requested because there are usually no-shows.  


How to Send Email to Your Class