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     *** Under Construction ***  If you have questions about the website, send them to and we can add them to this page.

Frequently Asked Questions about website


1.  What's the difference between the Events Calendar, the Master Schedule, the Schedule and the MultiSchedule?

  The website has calendar entries called 'events' and 'games & practices'.  ONLY EVENTS are on the events calendar.  Games and Practices are on the Master Schedule, individual team Schedule and the MultiSchedule.

Events Calendar - Only shows Events.  

Schedule - When you choose 'Schedule' on the HOME menu, on the upper right corner, you will need to choose "2017 Team" and then either Varsity, JVSquad or Freshman.  Then you will see the schedule for that team.


2.  Should I download the SI Play APP so I can keep my schedule on my phone?

Unfortunately, no.  We do not use the calendar in a way that makes this application useful.  When any calendar changes are made, they are NOT automatically updated on the mobile APP.


3.  How do I view the website on my Mobile Phone?

Simply use the web browser on your mobile phone and enter "".  You can immediately see the News Announcements.  To view other parts of the website, scroll to the bottom and click on "Full Site".